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5 Reasons you Need an Ice Maker at Home

I’m sure you’ll agree that ice is nice. But when you’re in the Philippines, it’s a necessity. And not only do you need it, you’ll need loads...
October 02, 2020
5 Reasons you Need an Ice Maker at Home 5 Reasons you Need an Ice Maker at Home

1. Your drinks NEED it.

When you live this close to the equator, half of the year is hot and dry, the other half is hot and wet. You can never hydrate enough, and you can never have too much ice. After all, who wants a lukewarm cocktail?

2. Freezing ice can be a chore.

Filling up those ice trays again and again can be a pain. It’s so easy to have some of that water spill over, build up in your freezer, and force you to defrost it from time to time. And that’s not even counting when the ice trays break! Do yourself a favor. Get yourself an ice maker.

3. The desserts here simply can’t do without it.

Halo-halo is one of the greatest discoveries in human history and maiz con yelo, bingsu, and shaved ice with syrup are pretty good too. You know what makes these heat beaters possible? Yup. Ice.

4. It’s ice on demand when you need it most.

Imagine this. You’re lounging by the poolside, or hanging around in a beach cabana, or spending the entire afternoon playing basketball with friends. It’s hot. The ice you packed in your thermos has melted and you’re still thirsty. You can either get up and go look for ice, or just bring a portable ice maker with you so you can have all the ice you want, whenever you want it.

5. Clean, Pure Ice

You dictate how pure your ice is. Use bottled water, distilled water, filtered tap water -- you get pure unadulterated ice untainted by the fish, slab of pork, or whatever happens to be residing in your freezer at this very moment.

Though small and unassuming, a little ice maker packs the power to make your life a lot cooler, making it a fine addition to your collection of kitchen equipment.

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