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Air Purifiers

Put you and your family’s wellness first with modern-day tools and technology to prevent disease and improve overall health.

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Carrier Table Top Air Purifier with HEPA Filter and Aromatherapy

18 sold

Condura Air Purifier CADR400 Stand Alone Unit

3 sold

Carrier Air Purifier CADR360 with Advance UV Technology

17 sold

Midea Plasma Air Purifier CADR500

47 sold

Carrier Air Purifier CADR260 with Advance UV Technology

15 sold

Carrier Table Top Air Purifier CADR120 Filter

42 sold

Carrier Standing UV Air Purifier CADR360 Filter

29 sold

Carrier Standing UV Air Purifier CADR260 Filter

21 sold

Carrier Standing UV Air Purifier CADR510 Filter

38 sold

Carrier Air Purifier CADR510 with Advance UV Technology

17 sold

You can make sure that your family stays as safe as possible with the right appliances.

Why You Should Care About Indoor Air

It probably goes without saying, but it’s always a good idea to keep the inside of your home clean. If not for health and sanitation purposes, then...

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Read this story

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