Toshiba stylish french door refrigerator in Asche Dark
Toshiba french door fridge in Asche Medium
Toshiba custom refrigerator in Asche Light
Toshiba customized french door stark blue
Toshiba french door refrigerator design in stark red
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Toshiba French Door Refrigerator

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Looking for a French door refrigerator to stylishly match the look of your kitchen while keeping your food fresh? Look no further than our top-of-the-line Toshiba French Door Konstrukt Series! Select from an interior design-curated palette of premium custom finishes specially crafted to elevate any home aesthetic. Its features include: dual cooling effects which strengthen refrigeration and effectively retain moisture; 3cycleTM technology to control and stabilize temperature; and Plasma+Pure Sterilization technology which keeps your fridge and food bacteria-frees.


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