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Self-Care Seekers

Cherish the simple pleasures of staying home in your own space, at your own pace.

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Self-Care Seekers (28)

Condura Personal Refrigerator

43 sold

Midea Self-Charging Robot Vacuum

50 sold

Toshiba Inverter Electric Fan with LED Display

45 sold

Carrier Ice Maker

7 sold

Midea 1.5 HP Remote Controlled Portable Air Conditioner

49 sold

Toshiba Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with UV Sterilization

51 sold

Condura Air Purifier CADR400 with UV Sterilization

30 sold

Condura Bean to Cup Coffee Maker

43 sold

Carrier Air Purifier CADR360 with Advance UV Technology

45 sold

Midea 1HP Remote Controlled Portable Air-Conditioner

47 sold

Midea Plasma Air Purifier CADR500

46 sold

Carrier Dehumidifier 12L

15 sold

Carrier i-Cool Green, 1.0HP WRAC, Remote SD

49 sold

Carrier Optima Green WRAC, 0.5Hp, Timer

50 sold

Carrier Optima Green WRAC, 1.0Hp, Timer

49 sold

Carrier Aura, 0.75HP WRAC, Remote TD

49 sold

Condura 6x, Side Discharge, 1.0HP WRAC, Timer

51 sold

Carrier Aura Inverter, 1.5HP WRAC, Remote SD

46 sold

Carrier Aura Inverter, 1.0HP WRAC, Remote SD

51 sold

Carrier Aura, 0.75HP WRAC, Remote SD

49 sold

Midea 1.8 cu. ft. Mini Bar Refrigerator

50 sold

Midea 3.3 cu. ft. Mini Bar Refrigerator

51 sold

Midea B5D Bed Vacuum Cleaner

50 sold

Midea Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum Cleaner

48 sold

Midea M7 Vacuum

49 sold

Midea Wine Cooler 3.3 cuft

48 sold

Carrier Air Purifier CADR510 with Advance UV Technology

47 sold

KITCHEN STARTER PACKAGE: Condura Personal Ref + Condura Ceramic Griller + Condura Electric Kettle

47 sold

Redefine relaxation with right appliances

Now that we’re seeing a shift toward more indoor living, things can get a little hectic in the home with many things happening at once. Have practical buddies around to keep you sane.

It doesn’t hurt to take a break from your daily duties and spare some time to care for yourself. Bounce back from busy days with a self-care routine, whatever that may mean for you. Whether you like to spend yours with family and friends or you prefer your time alone, make it count and make it a habit. We guarantee you’ll be renewed and ready to face a new day head-on every time.

5 Ways to Manage Stress Without Leaving Home

Looking for ways to manage stress? Stop worrying, because we've got some good self-care activities for you.

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Read This Story

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