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toshiba front load washer and dryer philippines
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toshiba front load washing machine with dryer grey color quiet

Toshiba 8/8KG Front Load Combo Washer and Dryer

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Washing clothes doesn’t have to be a drag with this front load combo washing machine. Wash, spin and dry in 59 minutes as supported by a sense dose with auto-detergent dispensers, plus a same load combo washer for continuous cycle. Heavy-duty, efficient and quiet.

Product Model: 8/8KG Front Load Combo
Brand: Toshiba
Available Color: Gray
Power: 2,000W
Dimensions: 595 x 635 x 850 mm
Features: The Great Waves Technology creates flush wave, has the same cleaning effect as handwashing and allows water to permeate fabric for stubborn dirt removal


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