white condura air purifier 400 cadr
condura air purifier with 6 stage purification system philippines
white condura air purifier with hour timer wifi capable
air purifier with pre filter anti bacterial PET skeleton HEPA H11
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Wifi Capable Condura Air Purifier 400 CADR

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Achieve bacteria-free air quality with this air purifier. It has UV sterilization and a cold catalyst filter. By using this daily, you can stop the spread of formaldehyde and other harmful gases that may lead to infections.

Product Model:
Air Purifier 400 CADR
Brand: Condura
Available Color: White
Power: 50W
Unit Dimensions: 303 x 270 x 562 mm
6 Stage Purification System
* Pre-Filter
* Anti-Bacterial PET Skeleton
* HEPA H11
* Carbon Filter
* UV Light
* Cold Catalyst
PM 2.5 Infrared Dust Sensor, LED Display, Filter Replacement Reminder, 2/4/8 Hour Timer, Wifi Capable


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