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carrier standing UV air purifier white for sale in the philippines
air purifier with high grade filtration system and UV light technology
carrier air purifier with hepa h11 filter philippines
air purifier with advance UV technology and photocatalytic filter philippines

Carrier Air Purifier CADR260 with Advance UV Technology

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Protect your family's airspace from viruses, bacteria and allergies while keeping your home fresh and clean. Built with a high grade filtration system and UV light technology, this air purifier ensures that airborne pathogens are eliminated and neutralized effectively.

Product Model: Standing UV Air Purifier
Brand: Carrier
Available Color: White
Power: 27W
Dimensions: 346 x 173 x 526 mm

  • UV-C light with a photocatalytic filter 
  • 3-stage filtration system (pre-filter, HEPA H11 filter, Activated Carbon filter)
  • Ensure clean air thru the Air Quality monitor
  • Area coverage: 18 to 31 sqm

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