Carrier Portable Dehumidifier with Drying Function 12L
Carrier Dehumidifier with 12L Water Tank for 27sqm
top quality dehumidifier with drying function
carrier dehumidifier with 24 HR Timer and LED Display
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Carrier Dehumidifier 12L

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Keep excess moisture out of your air using this dehumidifier. This household gadget can do wonders for your health and overall comfort as it gets rid of musty odors, molds and mildew which are the usual culprits for allergies, allowing you to go on with your activities freely. Plus, it has a clothes drying function to protect your garments from unwanted dampness.

Product Model: Dehumidifier
Brand: Carrier
Available Color: White
Power: 240W
Dimensions: 256 x 415 x 203 mm

  1. Drying Function
  2. Auto Mode Function
  3. Full Water Tank Indicator
  4. 24 HR Timer with LED Display
  5. Portable
  6. 12L Water Tank for 27sqm
  7. Silent Dehumidification at <42dB



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