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best ceramic glass griddle philippines
white ceramic glass griddle non teflon scratch resistant
easy to clean ceramic glass gridlle white with detachable oil collector
white condura ceramic glass griddle with temperature control digital control panel
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Condura Energy-Saving Ceramic Glass Griller

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What you need is a griddle that not only does its job well but fits your home aesthetic perfectly. This kitchen essential makes cooking easy with a ceramic glass for instant even heating.

Product Model: Ceramic Glass Griddle
Brand: Condura
Available Color: White
Power: 1,000W
Dimensions: 400 x 245 x 60 mm
Non-Teflon coating for healthier food
Nano-film ceramic glass for instant even heating
Scratch resistant materials
High-efficiency, energy saving
Digital control panel with high precision temperature control
Non-Teflon coating for healthier food
Detachable Oil Collector
Easy to clean
Temperature: 90-260 C

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