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Condura All in One MultiCooker for Air Frying and Pressure Cooking
Condura Multicooker with 6.5QT capacity
Condura All in One Multicooker
Condura All in One Multicooker
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Condura All in One Multicooker

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The Condura All-in-One Multicooker gives you the means to prepare an endless variety of food all in one cookware. Conveniently, switch from either cover for pressure cooker mode to air fryer mode and back to achieve your desired dish.

Prepare meals without cooking oil and save energy compared to a conventional oven or stovetop as the multicooker can achieve high temperatures in a short period. With this multicooker, you’ll be able to transform simple cuts of meat and other humble ingredients into delicious dishes that hit the spot!


Product Model: Multicooker
Brand: Condura
Dimensions: 342 x 315 x 362 mm



  • 6.5QT capacity
  • 2 pot covers for Air Frying and Pressure Cooking
  • Time-saving and Fast-cooking
  • Space saver
  • Aluminum inner pot with Teflon coating
  • Removable pressure lid for easy cleaning and storage
  • 12-hour delay and warm-keeping function

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