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Condura Digital Steam Air Fryer
Condura Digital Steam Air Fryer
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Condura Digital Steam Air Fryer

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Combining the healthier cooking methods of steaming and air frying at once? Now you can with the Condura Digital Steam Air Fryer! By circulating hot air, it cooks food evenly and can steam and fry meat at the same time. It includes a digital touch screen, a water tank for steaming and cooking, and a high borosilicate glass pot. Easy to clean and easy to use, you can enjoy a healthy, multifunctional cooking experience with this unique air fryer!

Product Model: Digital Steam Air Fryer
Brand: Condura
Available Color: Gray
Power: 1500W
Dimensions: 325 x 340 x 280 mm.

  • Digital touch buttons
  • Removable non-stick coated basket
  • Stainless strainer for steaming and air frying
  • Fry, steam, steam-fry, roast, grill, bake and cook rice
  • With pre-heat function
  • With water tank for steaming and cooking rice


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