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Condura Induction Cooker
Condura Induction Cooker with Knob Control
Easy to Use Condura Induction Cooker
red condura induction cooker with 5 level temperature settings
free stainless pot for every purchase of condura induction cooker

Condura Induction Cooker

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Induction cooking evenly heats up your cookware more quickly without heating up your entire kitchen. The Condura Induction Cooker is easier to use, more efficient, and a safer alternative to electric or gas-powered cooking. It comes with a free stainless pot, along with its elegant color and design.

Product Model: Induction Cooker
Brand: Condura
Available Color: Black/Red
Power: 1600W
Dimensions: 305 x 290 x 65 mm


  • Portable
  • With 5 level temperature settings
  • Automatic shut-off switch
  • High-temperature protection
  • Elegant color
  • Knob control
  • Free stainless pot

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