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Condura Smokeless Griller
buy easy to clean condura smokeless griller
smokeless griller for korean samgyupsal with free pot
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Condura Smokeless Griller

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With this smokeless griller, a healthier and more pleasant cooking experience awaits you. Grill away minus the discomfort of any smoke in your system and your kitchen. To top it all off, this comes with a free 1L pot which you can use for the food you've grilled to perfection. 

Product Model: Smokeless griller
Brand: Condura
Available Color: Black
Power: 1,500W
Dimensions: 400 x 370 x 105 mm

Key Benefits:

  • Alternative family dine-in experience
  • stay-at-home meals
  • less smoke and oil
  • safe to use
  • easy to clean

    Product Features:

    • Precise temperature control
    • non-stick griller
    • PFOA & PTFE free
    • detachable griddle and base
    • removable drip cap

    **Free 1L Pot 

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