Low Sugar Multicooker
Low Sugar Multicooker
Low Sugar Multicooker
Low Sugar Multicooker

Low Sugar Multicooker

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Enjoy your rice meals guilt-free with this low sugar rice cooker. This has Amylopectin removal technology which rids your rice of the starch that affects blood sugar and cholesterol.

Product Model: Low Sugar Multi Cooker
Brand: Toshiba
Available Color: Black
Power: 1,000W
Dimensions: 219 x 239 x 262 mm
Features: SUS304 Stainless steel cooking basket, Induction Heating Technology with 3D heating, 3mm Multi-layer inner pot, Glass layer with easy-to-read LED display, 9 Multi-function cooking with  various rice menu functions, 24 hours preset timer, keep warm function for a maximum of 8 hours , Removable large steam vent, PFA Binchotan non-stick coating


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