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toshiba low sugar multicooker with stainless steel cooking basket in black
toshiba multi cooker with amylopectin removal technology for low sugar
toshiba low sugar multi cooker with glass layer and LED display and multi function cooking
toshiba low sugar multi cooker with stainless steel cooking basket
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Toshiba Low Sugar Multicooker

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Enjoy your rice meals guilt-free with this low sugar rice cooker. This has Amylopectin removal technology which rids your rice of the starch that affects blood sugar and cholesterol.

Product Model: Low Sugar Multicooker
Brand: Toshiba
Available Color: Black
Power: 1,000W
Dimensions: 219 x 239 x 262 mm

  • SUS304 Stainless steel cooking basket
  • Induction Heating Technology with 3D heating
  • 3mm Multi-layer inner pot
  • Glass layer with easy-to-read LED display
  • 9 Multi-function cooking with various rice menu functions
  • 24 hours preset timer
  • Keep warm function for a maximum of 8 hours
  • Removable large steam vent
  • PFA Binchotan non-stick coating

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