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Condura 2-in-1 Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier

Make your room cool, clean, and virus-free with the Condura 2-in-1 Bladeless Fan with Air Purifier!

Sodarizer: Spark Starter Set


Condura Ice Cream Maker


Midea M7 Vacuum


Condura Bread Maker


Gift of Convenience

Let your loved ones spend more time doing things that matter more by making their housework easier!

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Condura Personal Refrigerator


Midea Self-Charging Robot Vacuum


Toshiba Mini Dishwasher


Condura UV Bed Vacuum Cleaner


Ways To Help You Gear Up For Any Parties This Holiday Season

When it comes to celebration, the Filipino spirit is unbeatable. As a matter of fact, our country still holds the record for having the longest Christmas season ever. Even the strongest typhoons or bizarre mishaps in the country can’t break this spirit.

Concep Life Time-Savers

Eliminate the daily sources of domestic stress with tools to get different tasks done at the same time.

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Midea Self-Charging Robot Vacuum


Midea 24L Digital Black Microwave Oven


Toshiba Mini Dishwasher


Condura Sous Vide


How to elevate your home life so you can live the life you deserve

Get a glimpse of great home life! Live the best life you deserve – whether it’s spending more time with your kids or just focusing on your passion projects. You can now enjoy time with things that actually matter by elevating your home life – from household chores, healthy living, or high-tech security items – you can live your best life today by getting some helpful items for your home.

Concep Life Delights

Enjoy the brighter side of life with appliances designed to enhance your experiences and help you get the most out of your passions & hobbies.

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Carrier Ice Maker


Midea 5.5L Digital Air Fryer


Condura Infrared Barbecue Grill


Toshiba 25L Digital Microwave Oven with Grill Function


Konstrukt Series


Have your appliances match the aesthetic of your home with the Konstrukt Series of customized finishes made in partnership with Toshiba, Midea, Carrier, and Condura.

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5 Reasons Why Every Home Needs a Dehumidifier

Have you ever felt that uncomfortable sticky feeling while working or studying at home? Or do you immediately feel sweaty after just taking a shower? Well, that sticky feeling is most likely caused by humidity, which is the moisture content caused by high temperature and water.

Reviews from the community

This is my new favorite rice cooker! It’s beautiful in the kitchen and so easy to use, perfect for a 4-person household. Delivery was super fast too, I got mine the day after I ordered!

- Melissa R.

I love my RoVa,it makes keeping the house clean so quick and easy. The customer service was great too, they answered all my questions before I purchased!

- Jam B.

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When it comes to celebration, the Filipino spirit is unbeatable. As a matter...

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