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Bean to Cup Coffee Maker


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Digital Electric Fan


5 Ways to Manage Stress Without Leaving Home

Looking for ways to manage stress? Stop worrying, because we've got some good self-care activities for you.

Kitchen Warriors

Enjoy satisfying victories as you level up your meals, one recipe at a time.

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Low Carb Rice Cooker


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Bean to Cup Coffee Maker


Fruit and Vegetable Sterilizer


5 Appliances for the Modern Kitchen Warrior

Looking to amp up your culinary creations? Take a look at these five appliances worthy of the modern kitchen warrior!

Health Advocates

Put you and your family’s wellness first with modern-day tools and technology.

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Air Purifier


Air Purifier


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Why You Should Care About Indoor Air.

When it comes to living healthy, eating and sleeping well are often the first things that come to mind. However, one important factor that’s often overlooked is the quality of your air. Find out how you can easily improve your home’s air quality below.

I used reduced carbs rice cooker last night. Was eating rice quasi for 2 days (which I havens done for the last 2 months & my clothes are telling me to stop! & my blood sugar readings were high (150-160). Told myself to refrain from rice again in the evening. As a treat, I used the cooker for the 1st time. What normally would be 150-160, is a regular 115. It really works!

- Judge Selma Alaras

Ordered the griller and griddle and received it in less than 24 hrs. I tried it the following week and I find it very easy to use. No need to worry about getting the meat burned because the thermostat helps maintain the heat. I can even let my daughter do the grilling without having to worry of the food getting burned.

- Odette Dechavez

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