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Condura Low Carb Rice Cooker

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Carb-control comes in style. A must-have kitchen companion, this low-carb rice cooker reduces the carbs in your rice by 37%. So you can worry less as you enjoy cooking more.

Product Model: Low Carb Rice Cooker
Available Color: Black
Power: 500W
Dimensions: 222 x 222 x 220 mm
Features: 2 Liters capacity, Non-stick inner pot, Inner dual temperature design, No overflow, Electronic control, LED display, Includes 1.5mm Aluminum pot, Makes 10 cups of regular rice and 4 cups of low-carb rice


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Calculated In Every Cup

Cooking with the low carb rice cooker decreases carbs to 25.6g in every 100g serving, which makes it easier for you to hit your health goals without having to miss a meal.

Grains without gains

The one food that’s especially hard to cut down on is rice. So what if you could keep it in your diet, but with all the sugar, starch and everything rice kept in moderation? Now you can. With the low carb rice cooker, you can bet that your go-to grains are literally good.

Rice above mediocre meals

You can’t go wrong with a low carb rice cooker, let alone one that’s also multi-functional. Make rice meals more exciting when you can choose from quick cook, slow cook, claypot rice, porridge and even soup all in one, plus a reheating function practical for busier days.

How The Low Carb Rice Cooker Works

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    Boils rice to remove starch

    First, the rice cooker boils the rice to dissolve the Amylose, a starch component. This then produces rice-water.

  • 2 / 3

    Drains sugar

    This rice cooker has a patented double low sugar structure. The top layer uses the distillation principle to make the rice-water go up to the water collector, and a bottom layer where the sugar is drained.

  • 3 / 3

    Steams rice

    The rice and the rice-water in the inner pot are separated, then the rice is steamed at constant temperature.

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